SOH World Cup contest rules

1) All games will be posted by the SOHMadness user account on SOH at least 24 hours before kickoff. Follow that account and vote on its polls to participate. Turn on new poll notifications if it will help you remember - don’t expect to see reminders in the main SOH account.

1b) One contest entry per person. Don’t create a second SOH account to try to improve your sad little odds. We will know, and we will punish such an offense harshly, creatively, and publicly.

2) Polls will be closed to voting the night before each game is scheduled to be played. Roughly. Once the poll is closed, you won’t be able to vote on that game.

3) Correctly picking the winner of a game in the Group Play round earns you 1 point. No points will be awarded for ties. You should know by now: SOH doesn’t do ties,

4) Points for each correct pick will increase by 1 for each round after the group play games.

5) The individual SOH user who has the most points after the championship match will win a $150 Amazon gift card. If the U.S. Team wins the whole tournament, the winning prize will increase to $1,500, due to sudden financial recklessness brought on by our euphoric mood. Cuz we won the friggin World Cup, man!

5b) In the event of a tie, the gift card recipient will be chosen from among the co-winners by a random drawing (or some different made-up method).

6) We reserve the right to change the rules arbitrarily, screw up the polls or scoring, or lose interest in the whole thing halfway through. Complainers will be refunded your $0 entrance fee, minus a $50 service charge.

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